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Graffiti Battle



  March 24 2014  - by BETA
More photos: Abs, Bloks, Come, Emak, Manks, Pope, Smc, Relik, Rvp and Wers!!

UPDATE - Cleaned up the Top 10 Kings by removing some Beats and adding them to the Hall of Fame.

  March 2 2014  - by BETA
Added some graffiti from Berlin, Germany. RAW-Gelände + some streets. 7dr, Bluff, Boogi, Breg, Brute, Cesk, Citer, Coa, Cse, Dister, Egbk, Emu, Fire, Gone, Gzz, Kest, Mera, Raw, Rbk35, Ruzt, Shure, Sitra, Spast, Thor, Tmr, Wasm, Weno and Wpek!!

  February 3 2014  - by BETA
A few new pictures online: Arek, Beat, Boks, Craz, Duits, Floes, Nicso, Owah, Relik and Soar!
Latest milestone: over 3900 graffiti images in the Battleboard!!


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