Graffiti Battle



  August 6 2014  - by BETA
New in the Battleboard: Arda, Base, Craz, Crow, Knak180, Love, Meg, Nome, Scuem and VDC!!

  May 4 2014  - by BETA
A few more pics: 2pac, Beats, Beule, Bm, More, Psk, Rds, Relik, Tour/Sler and Zztop!

  March 24 2014  - by BETA
More photos: Abs, Bloks, Come, Emak, Manks, Pope, Smc, Relik, Rvp and Wers!!

UPDATE - Cleaned up the Top 10 Kings by removing some Beats and adding them to the Hall of Fame.


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