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  March 24 2014  - by BETA
More photos: Abs, Bloks, Come, Emak, Manks, Pope, Smc, Relik, Rvp and Wers!!

UPDATE - Cleaned up the Top 10 Kings by removing some Beats and adding them to the Hall of Fame.

  March 2 2014  - by BETA
Added some graffiti from Berlin, Germany. RAW-Gelände + some streets. 7dr, Bluff, Boogi, Breg, Brute, Cesk, Citer, Coa, Cse, Dister, Egbk, Emu, Fire, Gone, Gzz, Kest, Mera, Raw, Rbk35, Ruzt, Shure, Sitra, Spast, Thor, Tmr, Wasm, Weno and Wpek!!

  February 3 2014  - by BETA
A few new pictures online: Arek, Beat, Boks, Craz, Duits, Floes, Nicso, Owah, Relik and Soar!
Latest milestone: over 3900 graffiti images in the Battleboard!!

  October 5 2013  - by BETA
Thanx for sending these pics: 5iver, Amber, Beat, Boras, Duits, Relik, Sape, Skiper, Smyko and Striker!!

  August 6 2013  - by BETA
Been a little quiet on KOT. Summertime is here and i'm quite busy. To make up for it: a major update!
Here we go: Alz, Aner, Anomo, Beaps, Beat, Boks, Brick, Cfhh, Dsl, Ems, Ide, Jsd, Keta, Liefs, Manks, Monster family, Mood, Moza, Nev, Notre, Owah, Pop, Reeck, Relik, Rhone, Seryl, Shave, Sic, Sler and Trick!!

  June 19 2013  - by BETA
More graffiti: Arena, Cab, Deis, Fuk, Hgs, Rism, Sunshine, Tbc, Yps and Wtip!!

  June 16 2013  - by BETA
Added to the Battleboard: Aper, Beat, Mank, Orgasm, Owah, Round, Sler, Tabe, Trims and Zink!!

  June 12 2013  - by BETA
Latest additions: Hero, Joey, Liefs, Ource, Owah, Rots, Rumbo, Spatie, Trick and Wtip!!

  May 15 2013  - by BETA
Took some time, but here are a few new pics: Achem, Beat, Ekp, Gps, Liefs, Omni, Renoxio, Saper, Spatie and Thar!!

  April 15 2013  - by BETA
New photos: 5ok, 24hours, Hero, Huge, Liefs, Relax, Rence, Smek, Spatie and Way!! Pics from my Berlin trip coming soon!

  March 29 2013  - by BETA
More pics online: Beat, Cream, Geon, Kew, Opse, Rumbo, Same, Sega, Sler and Thar!!

UPDATE - WHOA! Double milestone!! Not only do we have 3800 photos online now ... you guys gave us over 1500000 pageloads! Insane! Thanx and keep on voting!!

  March 16 2013  - by BETA
Latest graffiti: Beat, Dbs, Geon, Lak, Pirat, Reper, Serie, Sler, Thar and Zion!!!

  February 27 2013  - by BETA
New photos in the battleboard: 74cru, Enask, Faws, Flake, Floes, In Diz, Mte, Remi, Sler and Wtip!!

  February 20 2013  - by BETA
A german update this time. Again, all pics taken from the (no speed limit) autobahn: Amen, Blyer, Ditc, Feik, Kids, Pair, Revo, Round, Wieso and Zish!!

  February 12 2013  - by BETA
More graffiti to vote for (or not): Aps, Beaps, Come, Druid, Dusk, Font, Gbk, Heat, Ncs and Wat!!

  January 26 2013  - by BETA
Added dutch, german and danish pics: Askoe, Debiel, Deis, Flake, Hgs, Nems/Eas, Nihao, Rav, Wat and Yes!!

  January 21 2013  - by BETA
Fresh pictures in the Battleboard: Crew, Dries, Dsk, Eas, Flake, Gebk, Omas, Ozzo?, Rumbo and Wat!!

  January 16 2013  - by BETA
Happy new year guys! Thanx for sending these pics: Aker, Beat, Eas, Exit, Marx, Pogk, Relik, Rimus, Slugo/Sace and Zee!!

  December 17 2012  - by BETA
A few more pictures: Bbk, Deis, Drone, Ems, Flake, Jefls, Rachid, Scuem, Seb One and Stone!!

  November 28 2012  - by BETA
Some more photos online: Evil, Flake, Kwc, Mata, Riot, Rumbo, Shake, Stone, Tikky and Trash!!

  November 21 2012  - by BETA
Got bored and went to the Hall of Fame in Utrecht (NL) to shoot some pics: Duck, Eikel, Flake, Get, Heat, Mila, Rimz, Rumbo, Spoce and Tazer!! More coming soon ...

UPDATE - WOOT! Latest milestone: over 3700 graffiti images in the Battleboard!!

  November 20 2012  - by BETA
More german graffiti: Abs, Best, Ceys, Deis, Eule, Hsv, Oniel/Bonus, Popal, Whr and Zice!!

  November 17 2012  - by BETA
More photos in the Battleboard: Acch?, Dbs, More, Rinus, Riot, Sniff, Stone, Swek, Tabe and Yes!!

  November 13 2012  - by BETA
Latest photo submissions: Beat / Ceht, Dose, Ehns, Huge, Icepick, Liefs, Mesk, Stone, Toe and Yes!!

  November 7 2012  - by BETA
New graffiti photos online: 7ma, Albi, Boxa, Deis, Eaz, Feik, Krom, Path, Suck and Yazm!!

  October 30 2012  - by BETA
Another 10 german viaducts added to the Battleboard: 2pak, Bloh, Deis, Eaz, Emz, Farm, Lazur, Ritus, Serom and Zztop!!

  October 23 2012  - by BETA
Added 10 new pieces which i shot Germany. Mostly from viaducts over the autobahn (no speed limit = YAY): Abs, Aper, Bask, Ceys, Ems, Metwo, Round, Snog, Yazn and Zion!!

  October 16 2012  - by BETA
Done editing 90+ photos from Germany and Denmark. They'll go online in the coming weeks/months. Let's start with 5 danish ones: Aploe/Botox, Egg, Nihao, Rav/Koma and Sow!! Also a few submissions and other pics: Jare, Kve/Metew/Cas, Rhoner, Sarin and Yes!!

  October 12 2012  - by BETA
Added some new photos to the Battleboard: Abzurd, Dzou, Jare, Kve, Laz, Lips, More, Semi, Yes and Zf!!

  October 7 2012  - by BETA
Latest graffiti online: Amen, Asia, Hem?, Rence, Same, Snel, Spatie, Stone, Such and Tabe!! Coming soon: 90+ pics from my trip through Germany and Denmark!!

  September 25 2012  - by BETA
Only image submissions this time (thanks for sending them!): Dzou, Fresh, Ipuls, Kve, Pret, Skiz, Skome, Such, Tbm and Yes!!!

UPDATE - WOOT! Latest milestone: over 3600 graffiti images in the Battleboard!!

  September 13 2012  - by BETA
A few new photos online: Asia, Dzou, Foks, Kill, Kosta, Kure, Revil, Skiz, Spatie and Tecz!!!

  August 23 2012  - by BETA
New graffiti in the Battleboard: Asia, Inca, Kill, Korn, Kosta, Kush, Pank, Rebel, Rence and Skiz!!

  August 1 2012  - by BETA
Awesome! Another graffiti vid from Paum/Sarin!

  July 22 2012  - by BETA
Time for some more graffiti: Beat, Chess, Gast, Kash, Kies, Ners, Niya, Parfum, Reks and Wensa!!

  July 12 2012  - by BETA
Latest additions in the Battleboard: Amen, Bo24, Dave, Jamie, Kve, Ners, Reks, Rence, Scuem and Wens!!!

  July 4 2012  - by BETA
Another Amsterdam special this time. Graffiti from 020: Amsterdam, Bern, Ces53, Colors, Inca, Kash, Mane, Qturbo, Rence and Zedz!!

  June 25 2012  - by BETA
Some submissions and other pics: Alone, Amen, Boogs, Korn, Kve, Scuem, Snare, Sune, Yts and Yws!!

  June 15 2012  - by BETA
10 new graffiti pictures in the Battleboard: Isco, Mjw, Mr.Same (Italy), Priva, Rhone, Revil, Stone, Sune, Vec and Yank!!

  June 5 2012  - by BETA
A special update this time. All pieces were made during the Live Oost festival in Amsterdam: Amer, Beast, Ces53, Chuck, Kash, Mokum, Osd, Seiro, Sket and Yates!!

  May 20 2012  - by BETA
Added some walls and two trains: Dirt, Hits, Iraso, Move, Regie, Same, Shave, Yes, Wow Ccd and Zaper!!

  May 12 2012  - by BETA
New pics online: Dafter, Evil, Funk, Maione, Moza, Psr, Sache, Waf, Yates and Yrasek!!

UPDATE - WOOT! Latest milestone: over 3500 graffiti images in the Battleboard!!

   May 4 2012  - by BETA
More images from my trip through 0031: Basta, Fito, Ncsreg, Noise & Mr.T, Rhone, Rico, Rinus, Isco, Sera and Sword!!!

  April 22 2012  - by BETA
Some photos i took and a few image submissions: 302, Cake, Fito, Hits, Iraso, Isco, Rhone, Shave, Tiwas and Yates!!

  April 17 2012  - by BETA
Latest pics: Beats, Beta (thanx Yates!), Come, Mone, More, Raze, Rhone, Shave, Sker and Stone!! Go vote!!!

  April 11 2012  - by BETA
New photos in the Battleboard: Beach, Boks, Bongo, Camel, Hero, Jake, Mere, Seaz, Shave and Utreg!!

  April 7 2012  - by BETA
Yay! more pictures: Benoi, Boks, Caer, Kaz, Rhone, Same, Skuem, Stone, Tirone and Wow!!

  March 18 2012  - by BETA
Added a few more graffiti photos: Boks, Dbs, De gek, Ems, Huh, Late, Short, Stone, Yates and Zens!!!

  March 3 2012  - by BETA
The Battleboard grows slow and steady: Bokshe, Keko, Parfum, Reban, Rekor, Riol, Scuem, Syniez, Wzo and Yates!! Keep sending those photos!

  February 11 2012  - by BETA
Some new pics online: Amen, Boks, Esik Font, Kronik, Mone, Soer, Verkering, Wzo, Yates and Yes!!!

  January 30 2012  - by BETA
Latest additions: Amen, Asia, Boks, Esik, Fool, Jerry, Pst, Refugee, Soer and Xerox!!!

  January 22 2012  - by BETA
Time for some new graffiti: Amen, Asia, Boks, Kveazy, Niks, Serie, Sigil, Toast, Val and Xerox!!

UPDATE - WOOT! Latest milestone: over 3400 graffiti images in the Battleboard!!

  December 31 2011  - by BETA
Ok ... last update for 2011: Amen, Asia, Beat, Easie, Gebk Ench, Fam, Kve, Metew, Poach, Sion, Sk, Tom, Zero ... and 6 unknown others!!! Keep those pics coming!

  December 21 2011  - by BETA
At last ... another update: 5iver, Amen, Asia, Beat, Easie, Epsc, Kve, Note, Sler and Style!!

  October 14 2011  - by BETA
Latest image submissions in the Battleboard: 130145, Amen, Asia, Bones, Easie, Kve, Metew, Ser, Style and Tac!!!

  September 26 2011  - by BETA
More graffiti ... here we go: 2x Asia, Bokeh, Esic, Metu, More, Of, Pinoy, Sever and Style!

  September 18 2011  - by BETA
That's it ... the show is over. The Drawboard is no more.
 I want to thank to all the regular writers, trolls & haters, and a massive thanx to admins Slerrr, Yates and o_O ... it was fun! ^^

  September 13 2011  - by BETA
New in the Battleboard: 4mk Aod, Asia, Bokeh, Debza, Demn, Kmrof, Move, Phiesta, Pinoy and Zoef!

  September 8 2011  - by BETA
10 new graffiti photos online: Amen, Asia Olek, Dale, Easie, Esik, Liks, Pinoy, Stone, Stuck and Tec!!

  August 29 2011  - by BETA
Time for some more graffiti: Asia, Bedeac, Dear, Duck, Eas, Liks, Make, Pinoy, Revil and Rosek!! Your work in the Battleboard? Read the rules andsubmit your piece!

  August 22 2011  - by BETA
Some image submissions and a few pics i shot today: Asia, Bims, Coner, Dosis, Jamie, Liks, Pinoy, Rhone, Sarin and Serie/Mok!!

UPDATE - Latest milestone: over 3300 graffiti images in the Battleboard!!

  August 20 2011  - by BETA
Listen up: the Drawboard experiment is coming to an end. It ran for 2 years but the lack of funding made me decide to ditch it. The following 4weeks it will still be available, then it's all over. Thanx to all the regular writers, trolls and haters ... it was fun!

  August 18 2011  - by BETA
Latest graffiti online: Asia, Crap, Eas, Hbs, Liks, Mers, Mr E, Pinoy, Starlet and Stone!! Also check out this awesome vid that Paum send us:Graffuturism 2011 by Paum/Sarin and Bims (

  August 12 2011  - by BETA
Some additions to the Battleboard: Asia, Beat, Ekoms, Hbs, Kill, Liks, Msf, Pinoy, Serie and Stone!!

  July 29 2011  - by BETA
A few walls and a train: Asia, Debo, Hbs, Kill, Kode, Level, Liks, Msf, Stone and Zeck!! Go vote! Oh ... and happy b-day to Yates!!!

  July 17 2011  - by BETA
Time for some more graffiti: Acab, Asia, Cha, Debo, Defs, Hbs, Kill, Liks, Nacho and Pie!! Keep sending your pics!!

  July 11 2011  - by BETA
New update: Asia, 4 great Chemo pieces, Ench, Hbs, Kaz, Liks and Stone!!

  July 2 2011  - by BETA
New graffiti in the Battleboard: Abel Ctoons Risk, Barts, Captive Love, Chemo, Fuego, Kamit, Kaz, Sler, Starlet and Tec!!

  June 26 2011  - by BETA
OMG!! We reached a major milestone! We officially got over 1.000.000 pageloads!!! In other words: you guys clicked more then one million times on King or Toy!! All props go to you ppl! Thanx for your support so far and keep voting!!

  June 25 2011  - by BETA
Thanx for your image submissions! Latest additions: Aris, Beat, Chemo, Jezus Saves?, Kaz, Nice, One More Rep, Tors, Yes and Zoef!!! Keep em coming ...

  May 7 2011  - by BETA
More graffiti? Here it is: Craz, Cnote, Fedup, Jnisl, Kwanoe, Lok, Rspekt, Script, Sense and Super! Think you can do better? Upload your photos!

  April 29 2011  - by BETA
New pics online: Craz, Crise, Dahm, Gros, Kesoe, Kill, Pres, Revok, Script and Sense!!

UPDATE - WOOT! Latest milestone: over 3200 graffiti images in the Battleboard!!

  Arpil 17 2011  - by BETA
A few more graffiti photos: Craz, Inure, Killer93, Lobk, Same, Siero/Ners, some graff i couldnt read and a train!!

  April 10 2011  - by BETA
Added some painted steel: 5 new trains!! Also some walls: Cit, Crime, Craz, Resh and Zoef!!

  April 6 2011  - by BETA
Latest pictures in the King or Toy Battleboard: Art, Bomb, Crime, Craz, Fts, Inure, Lobk, Msa, Sezar and Stone!!

  Arpil 2 2011  - by BETA
New graffiti walls and a train: Amen, Dram, Fts, Kez, Renok, Reza, Sedor, Sezar, Stone and Zoef!! Oh ... and dont forget to submit your pictures!

  March 31 2011  - by BETA
At last!! Some more graffiti: Asic, Beat, Break, Hamek, Hoek, Jame, Kzc, Moza Stone and Wfc!!!

  Februari 9 2011  - by BETA
Added some more pictures to the Battleboard: Art, Bar, Break, Cos, Eck, Riba, Siro, Spek, Stone and Wufc!!
Also made the Drawboard a little bigger. Enjoy!

   Februari 6 2011  - by BETA
Graffiti? Here we go: Android, Beast, Beat, Defts, Foosah, LSK, Retro, Same, Snow and Stone!!

  December 12 2010  - by BETA
Thanx for your image submissions: Amen, Beat, Break, Rove, Scene, Siro, Song, Stone, Toke and Tsk!! Keep sending your graffiti!

  December 1 2010  - by BETA
Fresh photos online: Beat, Hdask, Just, Lady, Mr.E, Riot, Same, Stone, Vnh and Wufc!!!

UPDATE - WOOT! Latest milestone: over 3100 graffiti images in the Battleboard!!

   November 29 2010  - by BETA
More graffiti added to the Battleboard: Beat, Break, Him, Juf, Konger, Lens, Snow, Steh, Stone and Yes!!!

  October 17 2010  - by BETA
10 new pieces! Amen, Beat, Blaze, Bowl, Chuck, Gekkehuis, Kever, Puzl, Reeps and Sole!! Keep them coming

  October 15 2010  - by BETA
Another fresh graffiti update: Beat, Berks, Dram, Hets, Konger, Same, Smash, Stone, Tapas and Zoef!!

  October 11 2010  - by BETA
Latest graffiti pictures: 2Sum, Beat, Dram, Fryer, Ipuls, Kill, Same, Sec, Stone and Swok!! 

  September 10 2010  - by BETA
Beat, Crime, Ezol, Ivol, Kill, Sezar, Steh, Stone, Tapas and Zok! Our latest additions in the Battleboard!

  August 20 2010  - by BETA
Image submissions and more: Beat, Crime, Hoak Seok, Kill, Song Ce, Sosr, Starlet, Stone, Tapas & Wufc!! Keep sending them!

  August 12 2010  - by BETA
More graffiti online: Jame, Kose, Msa, Puzl, Rum, Starlet, Stone, Tikky, Twelve and Ugs!!

  August 7 2010  - by BETA
Took some time, but i added some new graffiti: Ce Song, Keep, Oase, Riot, Sel, Starlet, Stone, Tapas, Tikky and Vols!!

  July 8 2010  - by BETA
Added Cake, Stone and eight new trains to the Battleboard ... enjoy!

  July 4 2010  - by BETA
Some more images online: Dor, Joekel, Kite, Mask, Msa, Screw, Short, Sole, Steh & Stone!!!

  June 24 2010  - by BETA
Latest graffiti pics in the Battleboard: Abq, Bone, Kite, Same, Short, Sole-Amen, Steh, Stone, Sare & Wtip!!!

UPDATE - WOOT! Latest milestone: over 3000 graffiti images online!!

  June 8 2010  - by BETA
OMG!! Major milestone!!! You guys clicked more then half a million times on this site!! Over 500.000 pageloads and 24.000 unique visitors within a year!! Thank you so much for your interest and support, and keep sending your graffiti pictures!!

  June 5 2010  - by BETA
Time for some new graffiti pics: Rhone, SebAvd, Stone, Zace and six new trains!!! Enjoy ...

  May 31 2010  - by YATES
Aight, more graffiti, cuz it won't stop!: Edwin, Mack, Seb, Shark, Stone and five funky fresh pieces on trains!!

  May 25 2010  - by YATES
Ten new pieces added to the battleboard: Aso, Dram, Due, Haser, Jeks, Joax, Moi, Rugz, Sezar and Stone!! 

  May 23 2010  - by BETA
A few dutch 030 graffiti flicks and image submissions: Dews, Dish, Elise, Hoak, Howis, Jeks, Kosmo, Mir, Sezar and Stone!!

  May 22 2010  - by BETA
You send 'em, we post 'em: Byzar, Conger, Dram, Elone, Sezar, Stone, Ugs and 3 unknown pieces!!

  May 17 2010  - by BETA
Some more of your image submissions: Byzar, Crime, Phiesta, Short, Sole, Syze, Ugs, Vnh and two pieces i can't read ...

  May 11 2010  - by YATES
Update: Added 10 fresh dutch steel bananas!!

  May 9 2010  - by YATES
Hsv, Qturbo, Stone, Rebel, 3 pieces we couldn't read and 3 fresh trains we don't name!!

  May 8 2010  - by BETA
New graffiti online: Air, Font, Icerock, Ieso2, Pipa, Qturbo, Snot, Style, Takogbr & Vanda's!!! 

  May 6 2010  - by BETA
Some more pics in the Battleboard: Aapje, Abzrd, De Gek, Fish, Knal, Metwo, Puak, Qturbo, Stone & Yel!!!

  May 2 2010  - by BETA
More of your pics: Anus, Dozin, Felo, Font, Hsvab, Ie, Mafs, Phiesta, Qturbo & Style!!!

UPDATE1 - Latest milestone: over 2900 graffiti images online!!!

UPDATE2 - I've created a new Overview! Enjoy ...

  May 1 2010  - by BETA
Only graffiti submissions this time (keep em coming): Abzrd, Byzar, Exit, Font, Fool, Knal, Mase, Qturbo, Stone & Tako!!

  April 28 2010  - by YATES
Same, Sin, Vot, another Vot, Wtip, a bday piece for Nase and 5 new trains!!

  April 26 2010  - by YATES
More graffiti: Mgs, Nase, Oi, Same,  an old faded Templ and sure enough, five new trains!!

  April 25 2010  - by BETA
Only painted steel this time. 10 new trains in the Battleboard
! Check them out ...

 April 24 2010  - by YATES
Phreshhhhh!!: Br, Fare, Just, Kunst, Media and again five new trains!!

 April 23 2010  - by YATES
Another fresh graffiti update: Amen, Cil, Dyz, Emox, Frost and five trains!!

  April 22 2010  - by YATES
Yo check!: Br, Cena, Dram, Kunst, Yates and 5 burners on wheels!!

 April 18 2010  - by BETA
MAJOR UPDATE: it took us ages, but we're back on track! Added the 5 missing months of the Hall of Fame!! Check them out!

UPDATE - WOOT!! Latest milestone: over 2800 images online!!!

 April 16 2010  - by YATES
Time for an update: Bowl, Kabouter, Riba, Seaz, Yoshi and ofcourse more trains!!

 April 10 2010  - by YATES
Yes yes, more graffiti: Air, Boem, Fatal, Kar, Move, Rep and three dope trains!!

 April 9 2010  - by YATES
Again, another graffiti update: Air, Estetica, Rise, Ryan, Serch, 3 Trains and a few Throw ups!!

 April 5 2010  - by YATES
More graffiti photos: Amen, Cake, Come, Sole, Zw and 5 trains!!

 April 3 2010  - by YATES
Because we love 'em: 10  fresh dutch bananas!!

 April 1 2010  - by YATES
Another Amersfoort Graffiti Update: Bitch, Dews, Eikol, Feas, Osek, Rise, Short, Sin, Stone & Quiw!!

 March 31 2010  - by YATES
More Amersfoort Graffiti: Beach, Def, Dews, Dosis, Muh, Rambam, Reino, Rise, Suave & Tokkie!!

 March 30 2010  - by YATES
Amersfoort Hall of Fame part 2: Byzar, Curse, Dosis, Hat, Ish, Laura, Rise, Rus, Storm & Seaz

Update by BETA: Latest milestone over 2700 images!!
Keep sending them in!!

 March 29 2010  - by YATES
Yesterday I visited the Hall of Fame in Amersfoort. Nice place to do a piece; Check this. (near railroad) 
First impression: Aris, Byzar, Dews, Dosis, Feas, Ipuls, Kitty, Muh, Shark & Yates!! (tomorrow more)

 March 26 2010  - by YATES
More Graffiti Photos: Cake, Conger, Mozes, Same, Seem, Soil, Yates and 5 fresh dutch bananas!!

 March 23 2010  - by YATES
Goodmorning vandals!: Added 8 fresh new trains, something toyish I couldn't read (sorry, try harder) and a Short piece!!

 March 17 2010  - by YATES
Yo check: Air. Sole, Sportbus, Syze, Tosh, UmFe, Vats, Vot and more new graffiti on trains!

 March 14 2010  - by YATES
Bowl, Gemeente Assen, Nzo, Oma, Porn, Rampage (1991), Vots, a few trains and I made a lil sumtin myself aswell: Check!!

 March 13 2010  - by YATES
More graffiti in your face: Blen, Dogs, Kure. Luuk, Scuz, Sock Stuck, Wat and -sure enough- more trains!!

 March 12 2010  - by YATES
Early morning update: Faith, Ok, Swok, Tdr, Vots, Wops, Wtip and more graffiti on trains!!

 March 11 2010  - by YATES
Yeah, you got that right!! Phresh graffiti photos!!: Air, Crime, Serch, Sker, Storm, Timer, Yeats, Zap and again -ofcourse- more trains!!

 March 10 2010  - by YATES
Amen, Blen, Hets, Lynn, Mets, Peron, Same, one half buffed train & a few more on wheels!! Check 'em out and vote!!

 March 8 2010  - by YATES
Yeah, I know it's been a while, but here you have a few: Art, Crime, Beast, Blen, Brez, Cake, Crome, Elvs, Kryn and a few on dutch metal which we don't name. Coming up way more though!!

 Februari 19 2010  - by YATES
Time for new graffiti photos: Air, Crime, Spek, Stn, Storm, Taps, Tuig, Us, Yats and a few more trains!!

 Februari 16 2010  - by YATES
A few new walls: Chil, Crime, Rise, Sigh, Sker, Sonie & Yes!! And a few trains, which we don't name. -but we like 'em lots, so keep 'em coming!!

 Februari 12 2010  - by YATES
New graffiti photos; check!: Air, Boogie, Crime, Ket, Qturbo, Stuck, Tosh, Trash, Wesp & Zace!!
Check the Battleboard.

 Februari 6 2010  - by YATES
Finally, Yates is back online! Time for an update!: Smel, Sort, Sp, Spek, Spot, Stes, Ston, Sub, Svn and Tdr!!

  January 2 2010  - by BETA & YATES
A happy new year and our best wishes to all of you!! Lets make 2010 an awesome year!!

  December 29 2009  - by BETA
350, Clowns, Crome, Eikel, Fever, Moza, Rhone, Rum, Talk, Zace and Zmc!! Check them out in the Battleboard.

  December 28 2009  - by BETA
A few more photos online: Aps, Ger2, Ket, Moza, Mpire, Muf, Oce, Same, Scage and Snail!!

  December 20 2009  - by BETA
Latest additions: Crime, Fms, Gasq, Moza, Rk, Sedor, Sket, Smek, Stone and Time!!

  December 19 2009  - by BETA
New graffiti in the battleboard: Crome, Gps, Jrone, Moza, Same, Sedor, Skc, Sketh, St, & Wops!!

  December 18 2009  - by YATES
In your face: Nst, Pra, Pyro, Sin, Sks, Soap, Sniz, Sopr, Slim and Stack!

  December 13 2009  - by BETA
More submitted graffiti: Eikol, Geer, Mbk, Mers, Muf, Sth, Stone, Vies, Vip and Wops. Go vote!!

  December 12 2009  - by BETA
Submitted pieces: Art, Choke, Crome, Jee, Mers, Panc, Saya, Soket, Unoks & Wops!! More to come soon ...

  December 5 2009  - by BETA
New graffiti in the Battleboard: Art, Crime, Fms, Fuck Bush, Gast, Gps, Mers, Mosa & Same!!

UPDATE - Latest milestone: over 2500 graffiti pictures online!!

  December 1 2009  - by YATES
It's December: Time for more graffiti: Paze, Serk, Smash, Spray, Teef, Test, Typz, Vots, Wat & Zap!!

  November 30 2009  - by YATES
Bn, Niha, Siek, Space, Spere, Sr, Sub, Templ, Skaz, & Tesy: King or Toy?

  November 29 2009  - by BETA
More graffiti online: Crime, Dumb, Elgas, Ena, Ezizt, Fats, Fmc, Gast, Oce, Sedor & Tsr!!

 November 28 2009  - by YATES
Ten new graffiti photos in the battleboard: 302, Niha, Nzo, Pers, Root, Snobe, Sub, Swok, Weat & Zehr!!

UPDATE by BETA - Added a few submissions: Ena, Jee, Jesl, Mosa & Stone!

 November 22 2009  - by BETA
Latest graffiti additions: Brak, Dylan, Ench, Fats, Fmc, Gast, Ratedill, Riot, Undrkovr, Vies and Vot!

  November 21 2009  - by YATES
Added a few more pieces: Amp, Bzh, Nk, Road, Rootm, Sepl, Ski, Speck, Sub, Swok & Tetris!!

 November 19 2009  - by YATES
10 new pieces in the battleboard: Breb, Oma, Once, Pride, Rech, Ruzie, Shine, Skem, Smale & Smog!!

 November 17 2009  - by YATES
Check these graffiti pictures: Be, Nc, Onsin, Puber, Rambam, Reasb, Seno, Shank, Since, Sub & Zehr!!

   November 15 2009  - by BETA
More graffiti online: Aktive, Ars, Byzar, Fust, Nuf, Paris, Pest, Porn, Saw, Serch, Tdr, Tikky, Txt, Unit, Wdc & Word!!

UPDATE - Latest milestone: over 2400 graffiti pictures in the Battleboard! WOOT!!

  November 14 2009  - by BETA
Late as usual: the latest graffiti Hall of Fame entries! This time for october 2009.

UPDATE - Don't forget to visit StreetArt 3 at Galerie HAAGS (Expo till november 28).

  November 13 2009  - by YATES
It's Friday!: 13 graffiti photos for the occasion: Aris, Bms, Cury, Dsc, Mix, Nlust, Pearl, Raise, Short, Snot, Soem, Soil & Zehr!!

  November 12 2009  - by YATES
In your face: Acab, Beta, Seem, Smog, Spek, Sr, Sub, Svn, Vots, Wat & Zehr!!

  November 11 2009  - by YATES
And again -Another update: Amer, Oma, Pra, Smash, Sope, Speck, Sr, Sub, Svn, Swok & Tdr!! Try Search or Vote: Battleboard.

 November 10 2009  - by YATES
Another fresh update: Pra, Serk, Smale, Sope, Speck, Stone, Sub, Templ, Wat & Zehr!!

 November 9 2009  - by YATES
More graffiti photos: Porn, Rootm, Smale, Spek, Sr, Sub, Svn, Swok, Tdr & Vot!!

 November 8 2009  - by BETA
Image submissions and other graffiti: Ars, Daft, Lamp, Lest, Muf, Phabel, Soket, Templ, Wesp & Zoef! Check the Battleboard.

 November 7 2009  - by YATES
So supremely Special: Same, Seno, Serk, Smash, Slim, Soem, Smale, Smel, Smog, Sort, Space, Speck, Spek, Sub & Svn!!

 November 4 2009  - by YATES
Check these new pictures: AP, Bowl, Cola, Dc, Ecos, Ftc, Pony, Serk, Space, Speck & Swok!!


 November 3 2009  - by YATES
New graffiti photos: Ash, At, Ater, Besar, Crook, Gs, Nase, Pra, Same, Seno & Short!! 

 November 2 2009  - by YATES
Early morning update: Ateam, Azer, Brace, Cilow, Dat, Nokia, Oncle, Porn, Rootm & Puber!!

 October 31 2009  - by YATES
Fifteen new pieces added to the Battleboard: Aris, Boms, Cans, Kepos, Mope, Mpa, Omas, Pony, Porn, Rico, Shank, Shine, Sope, Space, Svn, Wesp, Zehr & Zephyr!!

UPDATE by BETA - Latest milestone: more than 2200 graffiti pictures online!!!

 October 29 2009  - by YATES
Check the Battleboard for the latest updates or simply use Search: 302, Ashe, Bn, Cabos, Cip, Dawg, Dzone, Media, Omas, Once & Rambam!!

 October 28 2009  - by YATES
Another update: Aris, Ater, Bowl, Byzar, Dsc, Mr.Big, Ncts, Oncle, Pers & Rootm!!

 October 27 2009  - by YATES
Getting close to 2200 pictures online!: Bek, Bowl, Chemo, Druipers, Giok, Mirjam, Nc, Nov, Nozem & Oncle!!

 October 25 2009  - by YATES
Phunkyphresh graffiti photos in your face: Aris, Ateam, Boms, Byzar, Mozes, Nc, Nuf, Obs, Pony, Porn & Puber!!

  October 24 2009  - by BETA
Added some pictures to the Battleboard: Amp, Choke, Dace, Daft, Debet, Moez, Sald, Tik, Tuig & Wise!!!

 October 23 2009  - by YATES
A few more graffiti photos: Aktive, Ash, Bar, Be, Bn, Charlotte, Dat, Lyse, Motiv & Ncts!

 October 21 2009  - by YATES
Check this: Aris, Ateam, Bms, Byzar, Dace, Nov, Oncle, Rambam, Shank & Slim !!

 October 19 2009  - by BETA
Website is back online! Sorry for the downtime but we had to do some critical updates.
Now go and vote!!

 October 18 2009  - by YATES
Graffiti, graffiti and more: 302, Aris, Bonus, Burka, Cilow, Misty, Nc, Nov, Omas, Oncle, Paze, Pearl, Porn and Rootm!!

 October 17 2009  - by BETA
Fresh pics in the Battleboard: Ariel, Atari, Byzar, Conger, Done, Joi, Mosa, Neik, Siske and Trick!!

 October 15 2009  - by BETA
Latest additions: 302, Abzurd, Amen, Bowl, Brein, Byzar, Chemo, Choke, Danor and Dat! Vote for them ... or not.

  October 10 2009 - by BETA  
More graffiti online: Abzurd, Booth, Chemo, Cilow, Clean, Dace, Danger, Drp, Resh, Rezone, Woman!!

 October 3 2009  - by BETA
A few image submissions: Br, Brani, Cute, Rambam and Stone.

UPDATE2 - New graffiti in the Hall of Fame: Bysar, Can Two, Math&Bell, Pane, Same, Sezar, Smash, Srock, Suez&Serch, Yes2.

UPDATE1 - Latest milestone: more than 2100 images online!!! 

 October 2 2009  - by YATES
Yo check!: Move, Omas, Plague, Shark, Siske, Skir, Snare, Thick, Trick and Zomb!

  September 27 2009 - by YATES   
Check the Battleboard for the latest additions: Fatal, Ipuls, Jawat, Kcs, Ncb, Sign, Siske, Steen, Trick, Tuff!r and Zacer!!

  September 24 2009 - by BETA  
A few more pics from Spain: Knki, Mistic, Olal, Say & an unknown sign. 

  September 23 2009 - by YATES  
More graffiti burners: Fms, Heat, Phabl, Pr!,  Rhoner, Sache, Siro, Skupo, What and Zenga!!

  September 21 2009 - by YATES 
Check the latest update with: Cray, Crise, Dsc, Epos, Eikel, Fatal, Iraso, Vies, Sign and Rebs!

  September 18 2009 - by BETA 
I've added some pics from this years trip to Spain (Barcelona and surrounding area): Aken, Alirt, Chal, Htc, Rense, Sark & Tzar! More to come soon ...

  September 17 2009 - by YATES
Another fresh update with: Deb, Egoist, Eikel, Fms, Gee, Heat, Ipuls, Ohlala, Snare & Wtip!!

  September 16 2009 - by BETA
We've added a few more graffiti photo's: Bfe, Cray, Dale, Fatal, Heat, Kcs, Rhone, Same, Senk & Zacer!!

  September 13 2009 - by BETA
New pictures in the Battleboard: Ariel, Crise, Dosis, Filos, Hbc, Move, Ser, Samer, Trick & Zanes!

  September 12 2009 - by BETA & YATES
Major update!!: Multi-user online DRAWBOARD!! Supported by The Boardfather.

  September 11 2009 - by BETA
Fresh graffiti added: 72, Ask, Carve, Crew, Isco, Heat, Gps, Kcs, Rasta, Seem & Zace. More to come soon!

UPDATE - Due to holidays past month, we had very little time for King or Toy. Its a bit late, but here it is: the Hall of Fame august 2009 update!!

  September 10 2009 - by BETA
Small update this time: Kiosk, Media, Sner (2x) and Soar (3x).

  September 6 2009 - by BETA
It took some time, but we've added a few more pics: Chase, Eva, Kest, Kiosk, Media, Ruthless Originals, Serk, You & Yuno.

UPDATE - Latest milestone: over 2000 images online!!!

 August 22 2009 - by YATES 
Graffiti, Graffiti, Graffiti and even more Graffiti: Atari, Bea, Can2, Gebk, Him, Kiosk, Late, Media, Off, Raze, Speed, Stan!!

 August 21 2009 - by BETA
Added some more graffiti: Bombola, Dise, Faip, Him, Kiosk, Kukodulo, Media, Nov, Snot, Speed & Yuno!!

 August 20 2009 - by YATES
More fresh pieces: Acab, Atari, Font, Gebk, Him, Horror, Jona, Kiosk, Late, Media, Nov, Off, Rase, Snot, Wise!!!

 August 19 2009 - by YATES
New graffiti photos: Acab, Atari, Dark, Die, Epos, Gbk, Kiosk, Must, Mp, Plus, Rasta, Sam Luka, Shark, Trick, You!!

 August 17 2009 - by YATES
Daily update: Duel, Font, Jive, Kiosk, Leas, Lime, Mir, Peron, Speed, Tetris! Check the Battleboard or try Search.

 August 16 2009 - by YATES
Fresh graffiti: Abuse, Alias, Atari, Baboon, Bite, Bocs, Boogie, Bust, Drip, Dvk, Eikel, Epos, Fms, Hakim, Heat, Isco, Itisi, Kiosk, Late, Mine, Mits, Mydia, Pers, Pigs, Soaps, Speed, Vots!!

 August 15 2009 - by YATES
Another daily update: Amersfoort, Emiel, Flc, Hdask's, Hfl, Hitoes, Impncs, Jerk, Mir, Plague, Puack, Raket, Rems, Repeat, Sbu, Sebone, Ser, Serg, Shark, Skon, Smale!! More pictures in progress!! 

  August 14 2009 - by YATES
More graffiti photos: Aap, Fms, Mir, Nc, Pffs, Plague, Showusr, Silar, Sophie, Trick, Vots, Zace!!

New addition: an Overview of the Graffiti pictures in the Battleboard.

 August 13 2009 - by BETA
I've added a few image submissions to the battleboard: Anin, Benji021, Claz, Kros Spider, Muiz & Yuno Ef. More pics coming very soon!

UPDATE1 - Added more graffiti: Curse, Fatal, Hero, Heyou, Hold, Mta, Sache, Same, Seaz, Reg.

UPDATE2 - WOOT! Latest milestone: over 1900 graffiti images online!! 

 August 12 2009 - by YATES
Amersfoort & Utrecht graffiti update 2:  Am, Amersfoort, Asine, Byzar, Boris, Area, Cise, Clabs, Curse, Mir, Plaque, Raket, Same, Seb!!   

 August 11 2009 - by YATES
First part of graffiti from Amersfoort and Utrecht: 302, Agnes, Cmyk, Dred, Enka, Hork, Jeson, Kcs, Lesh, Mir, Nc, Orison, Plague, Puacks, Rems, Rips, Slick, Snare, Sr, Talib, Tear!!  Part two comming up soon!  

 August 8 2009 - by YATES
Few more graffiti burners added to the Battleboard: Flame, Gast, Him, Nzo, Ob, Oma, Same, Speed, Suck, Truth, Zwoel!
(New large update will follow soon with mainly graffiti from Amersfoort and Utrecht.)

Added an old pic from 'Meas & Aron' made in '98 ... 

  August 2 2009 - by BETA
New graffiti pics in the Battleboard: Banse, Bean, Ces, Chess, Dizl, Heat, Jay, Meanr, Mir, Ras, Rhone, Rome, Sekr, Sword, Shake, Shark, Sign, Stern, Utreg, Zacer and lots more ... I also added some old graffiti photos made on my trip to Denmark in '88. 

  August 1 2009 - by BETA
More graffiti pics online: Vandal, Agk, Demn, Elmo, Gee, Grtsk, Kim, Ser, Snorks, Rasta, Zace, Rome, Duel, Somz, Isco, Edge, Moi, Porn, Gone, Soul, Ustem, Serg, Zori and more ... !! And with them, we have reached another milestone: 1800 Graffiti photos online!! 

  Juli 26 2009 - by YATES
Latest additions: Beat, Bek, Boog, Cheap, Desire, Dick, Drive, Ob, Oma, Orhka!!

 Juli 25 2009 - by YATES
More fresh graffiti pictures in the Battleboard: Atlas, Burn, Claz, Cope, Ench (2x), Gebk, Lotus, Pems, Revok (2x), Silo, Steel, Voila! 

 Juli 13 2009 - by YATES
New Pictures in the Battleboard: Beats, Cream, Duo, Ench, Entr, Ets, Gbk, Ive, Jerk, Jerzy, Kask, Kocs, Lester, Natoe, Oclock, Ras, Rbm,  Renc, Roar, Safe, Same, Siek, Sue, Supaclaz, Up, Voks, Wtip, Zedz! 

 Juli 12 2009 - by BETA
New pictures in the Hall of Fame: Bates, Chess, Cyme, Delta, Herz, Same, Scage, Serch, Sker, Wtip.
And we have reached another milestone as well: 1700 images online now!

  Juli 7 2009 - by YATES
New graffiti pictures : Bms, Boms, Booth, Dacer, Gebak, Hbl, Hide, Him, Hs, Luna, Muzak, Rebl, Ruzie, Same, Serk, Siek, Smash, Tiwas, Wock, Yates, Zeur!

 June 26 2009 - by YATES
New Pictures in the Battleboard: Bowl, Cola, Crook, Iz the Wiz, Pers, Pick, Relax, Rhino, Same, Serch, Shine, Smel! 

 June 22 2009 - by YATES
New Pictures!! : Again, Bless, Bowl, Cantwo, Cenz, Conger, Dare, Debosr, Ego, Gee, Henkie, Jefls, Kijk, Muhs, Nina, Pulse, Roar, Sis, Soar, Stone, Wock, Yates, Zanes & some pieces I can't read named Graffiti.

 June 19 2009 - by BETA
Latest milestone: more than 1600 images online!!

 June 15 2009 - by YATES
New Pictures in the Battleboard: Amen, Ash, Beef, Blits, Bn Boogi, Bowl, Brok, Cuda, Dare, Ear, Eve, Exit, Hunk, Joey, Jones, Lemon, Lime, Mr.Big, Msb, Noooo, Oma, Oms, Porn, Same, Soem, Tikky, Wtip,  Yates.

 June 14 2009 - by BETA
We have added some new Kings in the Hall of Fame: Chess, Just, Norma Same, Pane, Raze, Scage, Serch (2x), Smash and Smash137!! They have been removed from the battleboard resulting in a fresh Top 10 King list! Now go and battle!!! 

 June 7 2009 - by YATES
New Pictures in the Battleboard: Bams, Bzer, Caso, Dr.Piet, Dsl, Egoist, Elpe, Fats, Fms, Guas, Same2, Him, Joax, Kings, Larie, Mozes, Rhyse, Rise, Rugs, Same, Sar, Sara, Seaz, Shogs, Short, Spam, Style, Svg, Swoip, Taker, Vamos, Wtip, Yates! 

 June 1 2009 - by YATES
More new Pictures in the Battleboard!: Air, Amen, Basic, Bowl, Caer, Dace, Lime, Poeba, Qbus, Sher, Smash, Smel, Sperm, Swec, Zwoic.

  May 31 2009 - by YATES
New Pictures in the Battleboard !: Amen, Baboon, Boogie, Bowl, Br, Byzar, Caer, Conger, Divano, Ench, Gps, Ick, Izak, Lamp, Oshe, Pane, Rbl, Rebel, Riot, Same, Sanchez, Sander, Seem, Shine, Short, Sker, Tmr, Tot, WenD, Yates.
Use Search to check them out.

 May 15 2009 - by BETA
An update on a few recent changes. We have introduced a new feature to King or Toy: the Messagebox! Drop a line, shout it out, ask a question, do whatever you like in there, but keep it civil. We have also put some submitted images into the battleboard, added more videos to our movie list, tweaked the top lists and added a 'Picture of the Day' (from battleboard) to the frontpage. Enjoy ...

  May 10 2009 - by YATES
Introducing a Hall of Fame where proven kings will be displayed. These kings are not in the battleboard anymore, which results in a fresh top10 king list. Few toys are deleted from our database; Average quality level going up!
Also added a new section called Movies where you can watch some dope graffiti-movies.

More minor tweaks and addons done. Btw, if you have any suggestions for links or movies: just contact us!!

  May 9 2009 - by BETA
As you can see King or Toy got a major restyling! We are still busy making minor tweaks and adjustments and this will probably be the case for the coming weeks.
Past months have been rather quiet here at King or Toy, but we havent stood still since. After the development phase and small intro a few months ago, the actual testing began. We noticed very quickly the lack of content and several major exploits were discovered. We have added (with help from you guys) loads of new pictures into our database (about 1500+ at the moment), and things are looking good atm ... ;)